Even I am not an eyewitness to harassment incident, Meesha tells court

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Published: 07:51 PM, 4 Jan, 2022
Even I am not an eyewitness to harassment incident, Meesha tells court
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During her cross-examination in Sessions Court Lahore Tuesday, singer Meesha Shafi said that there are no eyewitnesses to the incident of alleged harassment, saying that “Yes, even I myself am not an eye witness to this incident.”

“I just felt it, I didn’t see it,” the singer said while referring to her harassment allegations against Ali Zafar during a rehearsal/ jam session.

It was the second day of her cross examination in a defamation suit filed against her by singer Ali Zafar for making “false” allegations of harassment.

When asked how many people were in that room during the rehearsal, Ms Shafi said “there were quite a few people may be somewhere 10 to 15 at its fullest.”

Ms Shafi was also confronted by the Zafar’s lawyers with a screenshot of her WhatsApp message in a group with Ali Zafar.

The message was read as “All thanks to you Jalal. Had a great time jamming and performing. Hectic but memorable. And so grateful for the kind words Ali had to say on stage. Now on to the next one.”


However, Ms Shafi said that she messaged “had a great time jamming” in WhatsApp Group with Ali Zafar “as a courtesy as a matter of habit.”

Zafar’s lawyer asked: “You have stated that you “had a great time jamming”. Is this correct that you had a great time jamming?

To which Ms Shafi replied, “Not entirely no.”

To which, the lawyer asked her: “Is it correct that you did not make an entirely correct statement in WhatsApp group when referring to a great time jamming?”

To this, Meesha Shafi replied: “Yes, I certainly replied as a courtesy as a matter of habit?”

In reference to Meesha’s message, Zafar’s lawyer also asked: “I put to you no one had asked you a question in the WhatsApp group to which you were replying. This was a voluntary statement?”

Meesha Shafi replied: “That I cannot confirm either as some of the information on this page is reflecting a contradiction to what this WhatsApp group was originally like so I cannot verify that if this has been credited or not. However, my reasons for replying out of courtesy still stand.”

She also said she chose to move to Canada on personal and family decisions.

She was confronted with allegations of her ex-manager Fahad Rahman that she blackmailed him. She said she didn’t blackmail him, instead, they had recovered the money from him.

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