Actress Nimra Khan looking for ‘new love’ in life

By: News Desk      Published: 03:30 PM, 5 Aug, 2021
Actress Nimra Khan looking for ‘new love’ in life

Pakistani actress Nimra Khan has appeared in Naumaan Ijaz’s show and shed light on why relationships nowadays mostly end up failing.

Nimra Khan tied the knot in April 2020 however in September 2020 the actress shared pictures from an ‘accident’ which made everyone question whether Nimra’s severe injuries were a result of domestic abuse.

During Naumaan’s show, Miss Khan was asked why she decided to delete pictures with her 'former' husband but Nimra didn’t wish to discuss the matter.

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The reason we have labelled the actress’ husband as ‘old news’ is not because she has confirmed it publicly but it has been revealed that Nimra’s parents are looking for a new suitor so that Miss Khan can settle down.

Yes, Nimra is ready to tie the knot again.

Besides the showbiz personality believes: “Rishton ki numaish nahi kari chahiye.” 

According to Nimra, relationships tend to fail as people don’t trust their own instincts and experiences regarding crucial matters whereas now everyone relies on advices coming from the social.

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The exciting news is that now Nimra Khan has reportedly stated that her parents are looking for a suitable man for her.

Miss Khan said: “My mother and father are looking for a proposal and all I need are your prayers.”