10 house items that can cause health problems   

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Published: 10:19 PM, 7 Feb, 2023
10 house items that can cause health problems   
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Health experts have claimed that there are 10 items in your house that are making you sick and could leave you with long-term gut health problems, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

These items may be from a TV remote to one’s coffee machine.  

A gut health expert has revealed the dirtiest items in one’s home that may be causing one’s to come down with an illness.

Gastrointestinal Physiologist Jordan Haworth, from London, warned ‘70 percent' of people are not cleaning their homes thoroughly enough as he detailed the top 10 things that harbor the most bacteria and could lead to long-term health problems.

After researchers in a recent study by the Agriculture Department’s Food Safety and Inspection Service examined different areas in a kitchen to discover which spots hold the most germs, the scientist detailed the other spots that often go uncleaned.

He explained that falling ill even just once was enough to 'leave you with life-long gut health problems like irritable bowel syndrome.

He said that nearly half of the shoes carry bacteria known as Clostridioides difficile or C diff, which can result in gastrointestinal symptoms.

According to one study, '45 percent of the bottom of people shoes tested for C diff, which can cause severe diarrhea.

Next up, the scientist crushed the hearts of microwave popcorn lovers as he revealed that your microwave is loaded with bacteria and urged viewers to begin wiping down the inside.

Microwaves can be filled with E. coli or salmonella, which can result in serious illnesses and gut issues.  

Jordan dubbed dishcloths as 'one of the most contaminated things in your home.'

He revealed that people often use dishcloths for multiple surfaces - including their tables, hands, and dishes - leaving them prone to developing germs. However, he revealed that you can 'start soaking [your dishcloths] in boiling water for around 15 minutes every week,' to kill off any bacteria and to help avoid getting the sniffles.

Cutting boards are listed as one of the dirtiest items in your home.

Whether your cutting board is plastic or wood, the grooves made by your knife are another are bacteria can be found in and to remove the bacteria, you should double wash it.

The health expert further said give your fridge a deep clean once a month as storing food properly is important.

The gut health expert further revealed that your coffee machine can be a 'breeding ground' for germs and mold.

'Coffee makers, especially the reservoirs, can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

'Apparently you should flush the system with vinegar and always change the water before use,' he told viewers.

'Make sure you have got a separate towel for showering and washing your hands after the toilet,' Jordan said.

The Cleaning Institute recommends washing towels after three to five uses.

The next warning will have you thinking twice before opening a door or flicking a light switch on and off. Both switches and doorknobs are the perfect places for bacteria to breed. Switches hold around 217 bacteria per square inch.

Next up is a warning about your furry friends. You might think that kisses from your dogs are cute, but their toys, bowls and poo are full of bacteria and they have probably had their face in all of them.

According to studies, there's up to 20 times more bacteria on your TV remote than your toilet seat. Think about how many times you have been scrolling through Netflix and then eaten something with the same hand. This is your sign to clean it now.  

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