Why self-appreciation will never let you down

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 03:29 PM, 17 May, 2021
Why self-appreciation will never let you down

It is fairly obvious that we all have the tendency to be mildly and in some cases supremely insecure.

Yes, we all have those doubts lingering at the back of our minds. What if I am not good enough?

Some people have it easy while some people have it tough. We have been listening to this statement forever but is it even slightly true?

Don’t you think some people have it easy because they take it easy?

Sometimes we tend to overshadow ourselves with so much self-loathe that we become immune to the wonders life has to offer.

Let us help you with building a strong self-image and teaching you how to fall in love with yourself:

Firstly take a pen and a paper and write about five to ten things that you are grateful for. They could be fundamentally based on anything that makes you happy and feels blessed.

Secondly, take five minutes to evaluate your inner peace or if it’s inner turmoil. Whatever is going inside assess that and dive deep in to the roots.

What are you feeling right now?

When you have figured it all out take another paper and write it all down.

When you have everything written down, read your thoughts and try to figure out if feeling this way is even reasonable?

Now there’s some more writing to do. Take a paper and write down each of the problems which you have figured out and which make you feel the way you feel. Write them down in order of priority meaning the issue which affects you the most comes first.

Now take the list of things you are grateful for and the list of things that trouble you and compare them. Not only compare, but also think about them. Try and go deep with each blessing and each problem that you have.

Now our question is: Do your problems weigh out your blessings?

We don’t think so but we will let you figure that out for yourself.

Sometimes in life problems tend to overshadow everything we are blessed with and we can’t seem to stop thinking about what’s bothering us giving it so much importance that we forget there are other so many dominant things that should be prioritized and revelled in.

Self-love is a rare concept as everyone is facing self-destruction in one way or the other. Also not to forget people always make sure to remind you of your flaws and never your accomplishments.

But when that happens we have to determine whether being affected will have any satisfactory long-term effect or whether we should be so confident in our own skin that no hate should bother us?

Just appreciate yourself for who you are. Accept your flaws and revel in your accomplishments. Always remember you are worthy of all the wonderful things and no one can make you feel unwanted unless you allow it.

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