Alizeh Shah expresses doubt of ‘never being enough’

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:16 AM, 30 Sep, 2021
Alizeh Shah expresses doubt of ‘never being enough’

Pakistani trend-setter and accomplished actress Alizeh Shah’s ability to cause an impact has once again been demonstrated by the young star through posting a stunning picture on her Instagram handle.

Alizeh Shah’s latest click comprises of the 21-year-old making most use of the golden hour while she poses with gorgeous yet a ‘dead’ expression which gives the whole set-up a cold yet regal aura.

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Why are we saying that Alizeh has a dead look in her eyes? Well if you are a die-hard fan of Alizeh Shah you might be well aware that the actress’ most appealing feature is her humongous naughty eyes which she never fails to flaunt in her pictures/videos however in this picture Shah’s eyes look dead and while speculating the reason behind giving off such a cold vibe our attention landed on Alizeh’s caption which should be acknowledged as well.

In the caption of her latest post, Shah has mentioned: “But I don’t think anything could ever be enough for you.” (Followed by a zipped lips emoticon).

If we give the actress’ caption some thought, one might be able to arrive at two conclusions.

First: Actress Alizeh Shah has written the caption for a special someone who doesn’t reciprocate her actions and efforts therefore the young diva has posted a solemn caption in order to convey that her efforts might ‘never be enough’.

Second: Actress Alizeh Shah is sick of all the criticism which comes her way quite frequently, almost on everything which she indulges in publicly. Therefore Alizeh posted this caption for her massive fan following in order to let them know that she is ‘trying’ for them however her efforts might never be acknowledged as the actress thinks: “I don’t think anything could ever be enough for you.”

Whatever distressing thoughts are clouding Alizeh Shah’s mind, may the stunner get rid of them soon.

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